He Toki is well connected with industry employers committed to the growth of a skilled Māori workforce. Our aim is to connect He Toki graduates with employers who will invest in apprenticeship training and developing Māori industry leadership.  

He Toki is also committed to ensuring that He Toki graduates are work-ready and have the tools to meet the business needs of employers.  

We are continually working to expand our employer networks with local businesses to keep up with the growing demand of skilled workers and to meet industry needs.

Our Promise

  • We will work to develop and coach a skilled local workforce
  • We will monitor and support employment and business trends
  • We will put our relationships, and people first

Easing what can be hard for apprentice employers

  • We help with transition and support to ensure our apprentices fit into your teams
  • We work alongside employers and apprentices to help them understand what is expected of them from day one
  • We help with study, PPE, drivers licenses, and finding your apprentices other work when you have down time

For more information, please contact

Hemi Inia

He Toki Project Advisor

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